28 - 29 November, 2018 | Hilton, Brisbane

Digital Healthcare: Post Conference Workshops - 30 November 2018

Workshop A

9:00 am - 11:30 am Big Data and Analytics for Health: Managing Data for Robust Decision Making in the Workplace

We are entering the ‘big data’ revolution in an era of easily accessible patient data enabled by the adoption of electronic medical records (EMR) and other clinical information systems. The challenge now is to figure out how to use all of this information to achieve improved levels of care, new research and innovation whilst also cutting costs. The big-data revolution is gathering pace. Now is the time for you to realise the benefits that can be gained by utilising big-data and analytics within your organisation.

This interactive workshop will cover the following learning areas:

  • Understanding the big data revolution
  • Improving technology and governance strategies for clinical and operational data
  • Capability gaps in the new big-data operating environment
  • The analytical capabilities that will be required to maximise the benefits of big-data mining
  • Using big data to reduce errors and misdiagnosis
  • Security and compliance - Protecting patient privacy and cyber security
  • Utilising big-data to understand and improve operational performance
  • Integrating and utilising data from different devices and sources
  • AI and healthcare analytics

Workshop B

12:00 pm - 2:30 pm Successful Electronic Medical Record (EMR) System Change Management Strategies

With the number of EMR systems in the market place it can be a very confusing process when it comes to selecting a system that is the best fit for your organisation. As a major transformational change for your organisation, project success will require careful strategic planning, which can only be achieved if you think beyond the new technology and focus on your people. Successful management of your people during the project lifecycle will give you an incredible advantage and improve your chances of project success.

Led by Lyn Radel, Nursing Director of Mackay Hospital and Health Service, this interactive workshop will cover the following learning areas:

  • What are the most commonly made change management mistakes that will impact the success of your project?
  • Understanding how the change will affect your people – taking a people centred approach to your EMR project implementation plan
  • Engaging with your clinical staff during the process and utilising their experience in the design phase
  • Overcoming resistance to change and managing expectations
  • Understanding the key roles in the EMR change management process
Lyn Radel, Nursing Director at Mackay Hospital and Health Service

Lyn Radel

Nursing Director
Mackay Hospital and Health Service